• Image of Berimbau - Afro-Brazilian Musical Bow by Pererê - Scorched Designs

Handcrafted and unique traditional Afro-Brazilian style musical instruments - individually made by master craftsman Pererê to sound awesome, look great, and feel balanced and wholesome in the hand. This Berimbau offers a gorgeous scorch marked design splashed across the entire length of the berimbau - and then finished in a clear lacquer which both protects the instrument & draws out the beauty of the natural materials. This berimbau is constructed of a resilient hardwood bow with a gourd resonator and averages 58 to 60 inches in length & comes complete with a handwoven caxixi (basket rattle), wooden striker (vaqueta), bowstring (corda), and fretting stone (moeda).

Special Note: Unless otherwise specified by you the scorched designs will be burned over the hardwood's natural color. Colors are available (no extra charge!): blue, dark green, red, purple, brown, burgundy red, brick orange, turquoise, and grey - So contact me if you want some added color to your new berimbau!